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Of stone material enterprise culture

A, the core values
Honesty, loyalty, mutual benefit, introspection, innovation, integrity
Second, the vision
Our vision: excellent stone material supply and service, and become a global stone industry leader.
* * will focus on stone industry, and gradually strengthen the global stone resources and market control range and strength and increase market share and the scale of the enterprise, maintain good profitability, in their performance to achieve global lead; In the management of forming enterprise industry ability of sustainable development, and constantly learning, continuous innovation, in the organization, management team, enterprises industry system and enterprise culture and so on various aspects construction reached the international advanced level, and become the first model of the industry and benchmarking.
Three, mission
Our mission: to the advanced technology depth mining stone natural beauty, with our persistent and enthusiasm to realize human yearning for a better life and pursuit.
* * constantly looking for new stone resources and varieties, explore new stone technology, develops the market, innovation and lead the trend of material, to realize the human yearning for a better life and pursuit. * * this firm and full of passion.
* * will be adhering to the "being" dare "entrepreneurial spirit, with the rich stone material variety and high quality of the product continues to meet customer demand, the leading market scale, proud of the business performance, influential engineering and integrity of attitude cast refined strong * * brand;
* * will be Shared and co-prosperity of the spirit and employees and partners to share enterprise honor and prosperity. * * will continue to improve staff living standards, for employees to create the good work and life environment, set up the staff for the sustainable development of the platform;
* * will be good business performance and profit returns to shareholders and investors, shareholders and investors to realize the capital appreciation for;
* * to dare to undertake the social responsibility, true love in return society.
Four, management idea
1, customer satisfaction is * * stone innovative power. * * stone treat customers tenet is: heart touched customers, continuously improve our service and quality of the gold content.
2, the society is * * stone the environment in which they live. * * stone to society's objective is: to protect the natural environment, pay attention to public welfare undertakings.
Five, work creed
The sun is a new day, today I begin a new life and work. I will take a new attitude and full of enthusiasm into work. I believe in myself, more trust my team, my work efficiently and the pursuit of excellence! I am the best!
I am the best! I am enthusiastic, I believe in:
A little bit of progress every day is the beginning of excellence!
Every day a little bit of innovation is a leading to start!
Every day a little bit more is the beginning of success!
Our team ever victorious, our team invincible!

Improve the stone class power

Natural stone is a kind of ancient architecture and decoration materials. Its natural tiancheng, noble and free from vulgarity texture and colour and lustre, plain hard and enduring source of texture and feeling, has been people chase after hold in both hands of high-grade building materials. However, natural stone irrefragable, decided to its mining and processing must be careful: namely rational mining, improve the utilization rate of stone material, reduce the waste; Fine processing, improve the quality and grade of stone products. Of stone material processing enterprises for, with the kind of stone, only do fine processing, so as to improve the product sample/class, let good material to sell a good price, and increase enterprise profit level.
Stone plate processing quality quality mainly depends on the processing equipment, advanced long continuous automatic grinding machining effect is good, but the equipment price is high, the general enterprise hard to bear. Because the current * * * * small stone processing enterprise is numerous, processing equipment Jane's, the accuracy is not high, this is in the * * * * stone processing level is not high in the root. At present, * * * * general enterprise many adhere to the traditional production process, namely disk saw board, hand grinding machine with abrasive cast grinding. Due to the disk saw cutting hair plate may not peace, hand polishing machine with uneven surface, usually it is difficult to go flat, the luminosity is difficult to improve the pavement to the ground, there was a rugged, two pieces of plate gap between the head, many manufacturers and users are on the same wavelength.
* * stone machinery factory as a * * * * the famous stone machinery manufacturing enterprises, over the years, in view of the * * * * small and medium-sized enterprise stone processing users, research and development production a series of convenient and practical, cheap and fine stone processing equipment, can fundamentally solve the plank treatment process of "three dimensional" bottleneck, the use of * * * * stone processing equipment, also can do plate thickness uniformity, good flatness, high luminosity.
Solve plate "three degree" is a kind of method, i.e., increase the "constant thick process", * * stone machinery factory also produces a kind of "a crush" stone slab constant thick machine, its main shaft bottom is equipped with a large diamond abrasive disc, cooling water from the shaft center shot out, abrasive disc rotating, plate work platform with mobile, one-time can be width of 600 mm and 800 mm and 900 mm thick plate set. Stone wool board the constant thick of the reoccupy after ordinary lifting grinding machine polishing, the surface is very smooth, photometric can reach 85 degrees.
The above equipment processing stone slab, can achieve the effect of the imported products, and save the investment in equipment, very suitable for * * * * ordinary stone processing enterprise, is to improve the * * * * stone processing quality and grade of the ideal choice.
Finally, once again, to have been to our care and help all leaders and friends our heartfelt thanks to you.

Stone material enterprise market development service force is the key

In order to achieve the wishes of the consumers, many stone companies began to continuous innovation, either in products or in a presentation or supporting services are modified to improve the retail share. Up to now, stone material marketing have changed greatly, the contractor's family in design and display aspect, in services thoughtful and detailed consideration, make consumers get "honor" service. They are learning to promote yourself, start to understand what the consumer need, and began to study consumption habits and consumption mentality, began to disappear